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Examining laws that govern sport which are critical for protection of athletes and the governing of sports bodies.


A Host of Complications: Of International Sporting Events and Diplomacy

Written by Kartik Sundar 3.6 billion. That figure represents almost half the world’s total population. It is also the estimated number of people who tuned...
Cannabis Athlete

High Hopes: Athletes’ Case for Legalising Cannabis

Co-authored by Siddhant Sachdeva & Sreeradh Radhakrishnan In April 2018, former Golden State Warriors player Matt Barnes revealed in an interview that he used cannabis...
The Bastion Sports personalities from Northeast India

Designing the Indian Dream

Written by Sourya Reddy  The Northeast is a region that has barely ever figured into the larger idea of India — often there just as...

Indian Cricket is Short of Breath

Written by Sourya Reddy  The T20 between India and Bangladesh that was played on November 3rd, 2019 was a hazy one to remember. Not because...
Racial Quotas: Right-ing the Wrongs in South African Cricket The Bastion

Racial Quotas: Right-ing the Wrongs in South African Cricket

Co-authored by Sreeradh Radhakrishnan and Parkhee Rattan   In Depth  Despite their reputation for choking in major tournaments, South Africa has been among the best sides in...
Defeating Plastic Pollution Through Sport

Defeating Plastic Pollution Through Sport

Written by Swagam Dasgupta Plastic has become an integral part of our life. So integral, that we seldom take notice of the amount we consume....
India Stadium

Crumbling Fortresses: Saving India’s Sports Stadiums

Written by Dhruv Raman You’re finally here. After the long walk through sixteen gates and a security escapade that involved hiding earphones in your shoes,...

‘Cricket Nationalism’ and the Northeast

Written by Tanvi Apte  India’s diversity needs no introduction. Languages, food, festivals, clothing and more, it would probably take a lifetime to count the assortment...
World Cup Russia

Racism on the World Stage: Russia and the FIFA World Cup

Written by Kartik Sundar Imagine having slogged on the football field day in and day out for your entire life, all to work up to...
Let's Talk about Fixing Match-fixing in Professional Sport

Let’s Talk about Match-fixing in Professional Sport

Researched and written by Tanay Gokhale  Sports has long been a source of leisure activity for the masses. But with the advent of globalization and the...

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