Introducing The Bastion Academy

What Are We Trying To Do?

Enacting social impact is complicated, and requires a generous mix of specialised skills, understanding local contexts and the right mentorship. And these skills are in demand across industries and across the world, whether it’s a corporate, startup, research institution, government body or any other organisation.

This is what The Bastion Academy will offer through our platform, where you can learn the skills necessary from leading experts and organisations to enact social change and social impact.

How are we doing this?

We’re doing this in three primary ways:

  • Social Impact Studio

The Social Impact Studio is a forum of short live sessions with experts across the larger social impact domain to discuss how different kinds of impact can be realised, the challenges in doing so, the solutions needed to tackle pressing social challenges and how you can build a career in this space. Here are some of the guests that will be joining us in the studio soon:

& many more!

Details of the first Social Impact Studio session will be out soon.

  • Self-paced Courses

If you want to go a level deeper and really develop certain kinds of skills to improve your understanding of a topic or to help your career, you can take part in the courses that we are developing. These are all self-paced courses—so you can take them up along with your job or studies—being built with leading experts and organisations in the social impact domain.

Coming soon!

  • Virtual Playground

To put your skills to the test, we’re working with organisations to build an interactive, gamified playground for you to get a sense of how your skills get applied in real-time jobs and situations. More on this soon!

The Bastion Academy

Our platform is going to release soon, we’re fine-tuning it for the best learning experience for you. If you want to keep up-to-date about the Academy’s latest offerings or want to tell us about select topics or skills you want us to offer, do take a minute out to fill the following form:

The Bastion Academy Interest Form