About Us

Who Are We?

Founded in 2017, The Bastion is an independent digital magazine that publishes ideas and reportage on issues of development for India’s youth.

What Do We Do?

We publish ground stories, analyses, debates, data stories, documentaries and much more across a few core verticals — Education, Environment, Healthcare, Technology, and Sports (for now). Using the best of knowledge from academia, public policy, research and work on the ground, our coverage cuts through the noise and presents well-researched, simply presented and informed journalism on developmental issues for the youth. 

To submit a pitch or article, click here to read our submission guidelines. Got feedback on our journalism? Email us at editorial@thebastion.co.in 

We work closely with several knowledge partners — think tanks, academic institutions, NGOs, other media organizations and subject matter experts — to publish collaborative content using their technical know-how. We also work with socially-driven organisations to conduct events and workshops, design marketing strategies, create content and much more under our specialised communications wing. Interested in collaborating? Email us at information@thebastion.co.in

Aside from the support extended to us by the Independent Public-Spirited Media Foundation and our partners, The Bastion also runs a sponsorship model to keep its independent journalism free for all. Given the decline of free and fair media outlets, our sponsors recognize that monetarily supporting The Bastion’s brand of solution-oriented, well-researched journalism via an independent article or series strengthens India’s media ecosystem at large. To learn more about our sponsorships model, click here. If interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to us at editorial@thebastion.co.in

Why We Do What We Do

‘Development’ is more than just an election slogan. Over the years, multiple stakeholders have tried to steer India towards better governance, standards of living and overall prosperity. As they embark on this mission, aided by academics, public policy experts and civil society alike, it is important to ask a few questions. How do we plan to develop the country? Why one policy approach over another? Who benefits from your governance in the long run?

These questions excite us and we attempt to make sense of these every day at The Bastion. Our work attempts to make the ever-present debates on growth, governance, and development accessible to you.

There is also the fact that in recent times, the race to disseminate eye-catching news has resulted in the swift decline of well-researched and informed opinions available in the Indian media. This is precisely where we hope to come in. With the intention of promoting well-informed conversation free of censorship and echo-chambers, The Bastion prioritizes research-backed journalism over and above anything else.

By doing so, we aim to bring you India-centric stories that may not always make it to prime time television or the front pages of newspapers, but nevertheless lie at the core of the nation’s future growth and success. 

Meet the Team

Chirag Chinnappa

Co-founder & Chief Editor

Ekta Sawant

Editorial Fellow '22

Sourya Reddy

Co-founder & CEO

Vibha Nadig

Editorial Fellow '22

Vaishnavi Rathore

Environment Lead

Swagam Dasgupta

Co-founder & CTO

Institutional Support:

IPSMF LogoIndependent and Public Spirited Media Foundation has provided financial support to Bastion Media LLP for the purpose of reporting and publishing stories of public interest. Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation does not take any legal or moral responsibility whatsoever for the content published by Bastion Media LLP on their website or any of its other platforms.