Behind Reports of Fishers’ Demands for Euthanasia in Porbandar: Caste, Class, Religion, Livelihoods

600 small-scale Muslim fishermen in Gujarat approached the High Court to seek euthanasia because of discrimination in accessing the Gosabara wetlands.
Bastion Academy Social Impact Studio Devika Malik

Social Impact Studio: How Big Tech Creates Policy with Devika Malik (Session One)

Welcome to Session One of the Social Impact Studio! We live in an age where technological solutions have become central to our societies. From ordering...

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How easy is it to get pregnant? Rising infertility in India is leading to more couples seeking out reproductive experts.

Computer Science Opens Up a World of Possibilities Beyond 0s and 1s

The ‘Learn to Code’ mania risks diminishing the need for Computer Science Education as a subject in Indian schools.

Breaking the Cycle: Why Investing in Primary Education Could Solve India’s Looming Job Crises

How can effective resource allocation towards primary education better learning outcomes and workforce readiness as a whole?