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Kanchi Kohli

Suraj Yengde

Suraj Yengde


Trapped! How our education system makes and breaks learning traps

Authored by Upasna Sachdeva In Part 1 of this series on Learning Traps, we introduced learning traps in the education system. A learning trap is...

“We don’t want electricity at the cost of lives” The Toxic Impact of Okhla’s...

One night, Lata Joshi left a white cloth to dry in her balcony. When she saw it in the morning, it had turned sooty-grey....
Air Pollution story delhi

Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?

Created by Ajitesh Bohra   To be continued....

Mumbai City FC: What Does the CFG Deal Mean For Indian Football?

City Football Group-One of the leading private owners and operators of football clubs such as Manchester City has acquired a 65% stake in Mumbai...

Trapped! What’s Putting a Glass Ceiling on Students in India’s Classrooms?

"...the teacher still feels accountable for completing the prescribed syllabus (..) Children who fall behind stay behind as the rest of the class moves...

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