A “Feminist” Server to Help People Own Their Own Data

Feminist servers could help people own and manage their own data while empowering vulnerable communities to create and store their knowledge. What is a feminist server, and can everyone own their own server?

Up Close: The Under-Recognised Role of Maharashtra’s Education Department Officers

This is the first in a three-part series in collaboration with Leadership For Equity (LFE) highlighting the challenges and needs, administrative and technological, of...

Beyond More Enrolment, RTE Needs to Consider Out-of-Class Lives

In a country that seems to be obsessed with Gross Enrolment Ratios, the lives of Om and Swati, students in Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh, force us to pause and reconsider.

Trails of Environmental Jurisprudence in India: National Green Tribunal v/s Urban Air Pollution

A study of cases before the National Green Tribunal revealed poor representation of air pollution cases being heard. What do civil society, the government, and the Tribunals need to do to ensure better resolution of air-pollution-related conflicts?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of India’s National Disability Policy

The Draft National Disability Policy outlines goals to ensure a dignified life for PwDs from birth through life. How can data collection and infrastructural changes proposed by the Policy assist PwDs?