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COVID-19 vs 2020’s Sports Calendar: Checking Our Priorities

The Bastion Shorts—Episode 8 The world is at a standstill. As the novel Coronavirus spreads further, the world seems to be locking-down. Earlier this month...

Bastion Shorts: Coronavirus in India: Things You Need to Know

Bastion Shorts- Episode 7 The deadly Coronavirus which has taken more than 3000 lives and infected an upwards of 80000 people around the world has...

Bastion Shorts: How Safe Do Women Feel Going to College in Delhi?

A women’s college’s cultural festival in the national capital. Unknown men enter the campus that’s supposed to be secured and guarded to protect the...

Out Of Breath: The Ghazipur Landfill (Part I)

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty and Sumit Krishna Yadav. The Ghazipur landfill has been operating as a garbage dumping ground since 1984. Standing at a height...
Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfillvideo

Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfill

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty  Just a few kilometres further from Delhi’s Jahangirpuri metro station lies a ‘hill’ that will leave you staring at it in...

Mumbai City FC: What Does the CFG Deal Mean For Indian Football?

City Football Group-One of the leading private owners and operators of football clubs such as Manchester City has acquired a 65% stake in Mumbai...
Bastion Shortsvideo

Bastion Shorts: 12,000 Schools May Shut Down as Telangana Govt. Plans to Amend the...

The Right to Education (RTE) Act makes it possible for children from all walks of life to be able to achieve education at an...
Odd Even Rulevideo

Bastion Shorts: Is “Odd-Even” really the answer to Delhi’s smog problem?

Delhi-NCR and most of Northern India face the recurring bane of smog and pollution every year around the months of October and November. Delhi...

Episode 2: Reforming India — Introducing Education Vouchers

Narrated by Sumit K. Yadav  Accessible education still remains one of India’s biggest challenges. Far too many students are not able to attain quality education,...

Drains to Diseases: Haryana’s Sanitation Struggle

"My kid falls sick so often because of the stagnant water in these open drains. Why isn't the government doing anything?" — Asawarpur Resident, Haryana In...

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