How The Youth are Taking Charge of the Climate

Welcome to the first episode of Blindspots! Over the course of the next few videos, we will be shedding light on the missing aspects from today’s environmental movements, in terms of representation, diversity, ideas and much more, and explore how we can address them.

In this first episode, we look at the role that youth are playing in the larger climate movement across the globe. From leading grassroots movements to representing communities on the international stage, the youth are taking on more responsibility than ever before. But just how representative are these movements? What are some weapons used in the fight against climate change? And what challenges do the youth face today?

Our hosts, Arpitha Kodiveri and Vaishnavi Rathore spoke to Archana Soreng (Member, Youth Advisory Group to the Secretary-General, UN, on climate change) Sriranjini Raman (Fridays for Future India), Paloma Costa (Environmental Activist & Member, Youth Advisory Group to the Secretary-General, UN, on climate change) and Abhijit Prabhudesai (Rainbow Warriors) to learn more.

(L) Arpitha Kodiveri is a Doctoral Student European University Institute working on business and human rights issues in India's forests. (R) Vaishnavi Rathore, The Bastion's Environment Associate, is interested in covering stories on forest and land rights, ecological restoration, governance of commons, and environmental justice.


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