Tag: Climate Change

Mangroves, The Neglected Primary Responders For Tropical Storms

With more cyclones brewing over the Arabian Sea, states on India's west coast should revisit the role of mangroves in cyclone mitigation measures.

Leaving Carbon Footprints Abroad, and Getting Away With It

While over 100 countries have pledged to reach "net zero emissions" by 2050, they continue to finance carbon-intensive projects and supply chains abroad.

Using ACs to Cool Our Houses—and the Planet Too

By 2030 200 million Indians are expected to own an air conditioner. Given rising global temperatures, how can energy efficient ACs be made popular?

Prods & Pleas: What Can Courts Do in the Battle Against...

The judicial system can be a vital tool in the battle against climate change, if used in the right manner. But what is the 'right manner'?

Building the Next Generation of Environmental Lawyers with César Rodríguez-Garavito

How can the next generation of lawyers use the knowledge and skills available to them to further effective action against climate change?

Dissent and Solidarities: Analysing Free Speech for Environmental Activists

This is not the first time that this government has tried to muzzle free speech under the guise of applying "reasonable restrictions". What's more,...

What Constitutes Good Science Journalism?

Understanding the Context “Science values detail, precision, the impersonal, the technical, the lasting, facts, numbers and being right. Journalism values brevity, approximation, the personal, the...

“With Dehradun’s Airport Expansion, We are Shooting Ourselves in the Foot”

Two years ago, drivers on the Doiwala-Rishikesh-Dehradun road were in for a surprise. An elephant walked onto the road. Traffic was disrupted and people...

Smartphone Apps for Smarter River Monitoring

In mid-October every year, holy water is believed to spring at Talacauvery, nestled in Karnataka's Kodagu district. This site is famously known bas the...

Climate Change in Depth (Vol. 1)

This first edition in a series of workshops aims to look at some of the aspects of climate change that are key to understanding...