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Tokyo Calling: Creating Mentally Resilient Athletes Through a Pandemic

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impact athletes' mental conditioning, and how are they preparing for the upcoming Olympics against an uncertain and hostile background?
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Tokyo Calling: In Conversation with India’s First Female Sailor

Updated on July 13th In the next episode of our series, Tokyo Calling, Chirag Chinnappa sits down with India's first woman sailor, Nethra Kumanan. Nethra sheds...

Making Light of Numbers: Indian Paralympic Athletes Defying Age

Having the right support system and entourage can take Indian athletes to world-beating levels.

Tokyo Calling: Preparing for the Paralympics Post-COVID

Decoding the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on para-athletes and their preparations for the Paralympic Games 2021

Whose Olympics is it Anyway? The Edokko Dilemma

What elements have complicated Tokyo’s ability to assure the world that the Olympics will be held amidst a pandemic?
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Tokyo Calling: Can Bio-bubbles Safeguard the Olympics?

Should the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 go ahead as planned? Is Japan up to the challenge?

How Can CSR Grant Agreements Be Redesigned to Not Stifle Non-profits?

The grant agreement reflects and amplifies the unequal power dynamic inherent to CSR, which manifests in the form of unfavourable conditions on the grantee.

The Damage is Already Done: An Aesthetic Argument Against the European Super League

The ESL is only the latest instalment in making football a repetitive, formulaic, and homogenous enterprise that flattens the game towards a singular aesthetic outlook.

Online Fantasy Sports in India Need Uniform Legislation and Regulatory Certainty

The rapid growth in India's gaming industry is being fuelled by enhanced connectivity, with a growing youth population having shifting needs of social interaction....
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Creating Future Olympians for India the Arunachal Pradesh Way

The northeastern states have produced some of India's most iconic athletes. Legends like Baichung Bhutia, MC Mary Kom, Dipa Karmakar, Anshu Jamsenpa, to name...