Mobile Gaming: The Indian Revolution

Hosted & Edited by Manasi Nene 

Mobile gaming is growing rapidly across India; with improving access to data and increasing availability of cheaper smartphones, mobile gaming has caught the imagination of the average Indian citizen like few other activities have. And today, there is an entire economy booming around mobile gaming. According to a report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), in partnership with OnePlus and RedSeer, this industry is poised to reach $7 Billion by 2025.

Mobile gaming is no longer just a casual activity; it is fast becoming a popular mode of livelihood as well. So just how big is this emerging economy? How fast is it growing? What’s driving its growth? And how can it be supported?

We spoke to Rishi Alwani, Communications Manager at SuperGaming and Dibyojyoti Mainak, SVP Policy and Legal, Mobile Premier League to learn more.

Manasi is a writer, filmmaker, and musician who is keen on exploring issues of education, technology and community mental health. She has also been active in the beatboxing and slam poetry communities of India. Off-the-clock, she can be found cycling, daydreaming, or daydreaming about cycling. Manasi works as The Bastion's Multimedia Associate.


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