Development: The Best Form of Contraception with Dr. S.Y. Quraishi

Hosted by Chirag Chinnappa  Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal What is the secret to successful family planning, especially amongst socially and economically disadvantaged communities? An increase in...
Prods and Pleas Cesarvideo

Prods & Pleas: What Can Courts Do in the Battle Against Climate Change? with...

The judicial system can be a vital tool in the battle against climate change, if used in the right manner. But what is the 'right manner'?
SY Quraishivideo

Busting the Muslim Population Myth: On Islam, Family Planning and Polygamy

Bursting population myths attached to the Indian Muslim community with Dr S.Y. Quraishi

Building the Next Generation of Environmental Lawyers with César Rodríguez-Garavito

How can the next generation of lawyers use the knowledge and skills available to them to further effective action against climate change?

How Do States Suppress Academic Freedom? with Robert Quinn & Mirza S. Bég

Hosted by Sourya Reddy  Edited by Malavika VN Across the world, governments often clamp down on academia and academic institutions. Sometimes in subtle ways, like restrictions...
Academic Freedom Robert Quinnvideo

How Do You Measure Academic Freedom? With Robert Quinn

Hosted by Sourya Reddy  Edited by Malavika VN The recent high-profile resignations of Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Arvind Subramanian from their professorial positions at Ashoka University...
Schools Reopening Tamil Naduvideo

Hitting Restart: Reopening Schools in Tamil Nadu with Merlia Shaukath

Hosted by Sourya Reddy Edited by Malavika VN Amid massive learning losses, states across India have been struggling to answer when and how they should reopen...
Big Tech Regulationvideo

Technically Speaking, What Can We Learn from Australia’s Move to Regulate Big Tech? with...

Hosted by Aarathi Ganesan Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal For the past three years, Australia has been ground-zero for Big Tech regulation, especially in the battle between...
Budget 2021video

2021 & Beyond: Building a Roadmap for Education

Hosted by Sourya Reddy  Edited by Malavika VN The Budget for Education reduced by 6% in 2021, leaving many working in the field trying to understand...
Facebook australia newsvideo

Technically Speaking, Why Did Facebook Ban News in Australia? with Peter Lewis

Hosted by Aarathi Ganesan Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal On February 18th, a couple of weeks ago, Australians woke up to find that they could not access...