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Kiran Karnik The Bastionvideo

Dialling 102: How Can We (Re)Design Healthcare in India

Kiran Karnik — Former President, NASSCOM and Founder & Former Director, ISRO’s Development and Educational Communication Unit — speaks about reforming and redesigning India’s healthcare sector, in conversation with Sourya Reddy.
Vikram Chandra Editorjivideo

Technically Speaking, How Can Technology Reform TV News? With Vikram Chandra

Chirag Chinnappa speaks to Vikram Chandra—Founder of Editorji and an ex-TV journalist—on how technology, specifically AI, can be utilized to fix the Indian digital news ecosystem.
What Role Do Adivasi Youth & Women Play in Conservation? With Archana Sorengvideo

What Role Do Adivasi Youth & Women Play in Conservation? With Archana Soreng

Edited by Sumit Krishna Yadav The climate crisis, as we have known for a while now, affects us all. However, some groups and individuals are...
future of tv news vikram chandravideo

Technically Speaking, What Does the Future of TV News Behold? With Vikram Chandra (Part...

Edited by Malavika VN  Hosted by Chirag Chinnappa  Television news is becoming more polarized than ever, and what used to be 9 PM news updates have...

Technically Speaking, When Can Law Enforcement Seize My Phone? Part 1 With Apar Gupta

Edited by Sumit Krishna Yadav Our phones have become a vital part of our virtual and physical existence. With the ability to process large amounts...
Pukhraj Singh Cybersecurityvideo

#Dialogues: Mapping Cyber Security in India with Pukhraj Singh

Interviewed by Bharath Pottekkat  Edited by Malavika VN  If the recent revelation that China is collecting huge amounts of data on Indian individuals is anything to...

Dialogues: Dr. K.S. Chalam on the Political Economy of Caste in India

"The characterization of caste as division of labourers does not fully explain the discriminatory and unpaid labour of untouchables and artisan castes in the...

#Dialogues: Are Anganwadis Equipped to Handle Early Childhood Care & Education?: With Kamal Gaur

Edited by Malavika VN Anganwadis play a crucial function in the development of children throughout the country. Although these centres began as an effort...

#Dialogues: Do Applications Pose a Threat to Cyber Security? With Pukhraj Singh

Interview by Bharath Pottekkat Edited by Malavika VN The inventions of simple-looking, yet complex, mobile and desktop applications have changed the way we consume content. Be...
Kavita Anandvideo

#Dialogues: Building COVID-19 Resilience in Education with Kavita Anand

Edited by Malavika VN COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of numerous sectors worldwide. Although many of these changes in our daily life might be temporary,...