Finding A Middle Ground: Wildlife vs Human Rights Conservation

If you were to study global environmental protection movements today, there’s one common aspect you might find. Each of these movements, regardless of geography, is divided into two broad camps of environmentalists. The first looks at environmental protection from a wildlife perspective, and the second looks at it from a human rights perspective.

But how exactly, and to what extent, do these camps differ? What is each of their approach to conservation? And why is it necessary to find a middle ground? Our hosts, Vaishnavi and Arpitha speak to Raza Kazmi (Wildlife Historian), Alphonsa Jojan (Environmental Law Researcher & Practitioner) and Aparajita Datta (Wildlife Ecologist) to learn more.

This is episode 3 of Blindspots, created in collaboration with Blindspots

(L) Arpitha Kodiveri is a Doctoral Student European University Institute working on business and human rights issues in India's forests. (R) Vaishnavi Rathore, The Bastion's Environment Associate, is interested in covering stories on forest and land rights, ecological restoration, governance of commons, and environmental justice.


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