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Pratap Bhanu Mehta Ashoka University Academic Freedomvideo

How Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s Exit from Ashoka University is Just the Tip of the...

Is there something innate about academia that makes a state want to control it? Does being backed by well-off, well connected, philanthropic individuals protect an academic's ideas and freedoms?
Board Exams Maharashtravideo

Awaiting the Board Exams: The Maharashtra Story

How has the COVID19 pandemic impacted students' preparations for their board exams? Were Maharashtra’s students, and the teachers and students who support them, confident about appearing for this year’s board exams at all?

Cast Away: A Case For Place-based Education in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A place-based curriculum in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can not only ignite individual student potential—but the value of local ecosystems as well.

Why Isn’t Quality Primary Education Ever a Poll Promise?

India's learning crisis could gain political legitimacy if used as an electoral platform by political parties.

How Can Our Government-Run MOOCs Be Better?

With the onset of the second wave across India, Massive Online Open Courses will continue to be a light in the dark for stay-at-home learners. But how many government-run MOOCS do you even know of?

Data for Governance: An Education System for the Future in Tamil Nadu

Through Tamil Nadu Vagupparai Nokkin, Tamil Nadu is leading the way for a data-driven education system.
Financial Literacy Students

How Can Our Schools Create More Financially Literate Citizens?

As another financial year comes to a close and a controversial exam season begins, ask yourselves this: isn’t it ironic that we teach our...

How Do States Suppress Academic Freedom? with Robert Quinn & Mirza S. Bég

Hosted by Sourya Reddy  Edited by Malavika VN Across the world, governments often clamp down on academia and academic institutions. Sometimes in subtle ways, like restrictions...
Academic Freedom Robert Quinnvideo

How Do You Measure Academic Freedom? With Robert Quinn

Hosted by Sourya Reddy  Edited by Malavika VN The recent high-profile resignations of Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Arvind Subramanian from their professorial positions at Ashoka University...
Schools Reopening Tamil Naduvideo

Hitting Restart: Reopening Schools in Tamil Nadu with Merlia Shaukath

Hosted by Sourya Reddy Edited by Malavika VN Amid massive learning losses, states across India have been struggling to answer when and how they should reopen...