Development and Education

Background Questionnaire in Large Scale Assessments Can Improve Students’ Academic Performance

How can background questionnaires improve students' academic performance and learning? These large-scale assessments can ensure equitable and quality education.

Up Close: The Under-Recognised Role of Maharashtra’s Education Department Officers

This is the first in a three-part series in collaboration with Leadership For Equity (LFE) highlighting the challenges and needs, administrative and technological, of...

Beyond More Enrolment, RTE Needs to Consider Out-of-Class Lives

In a country that seems to be obsessed with Gross Enrolment Ratios, the lives of Om and Swati, students in Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh, force us to pause and reconsider.

How the Craze For Government Jobs in India is Lowering the Quality of Education

Is the craze for government jobs in India hurting the education system? What is the long-term impact of the over-prioritisation of government jobs?

Helping Children Learn From Each Other: Enter, “Heutagogy”

How can we enable students to learn from each other while granting teachers autonomy in their classrooms? Heutagogy may be the answer to better foundational learning.

Breaking the Binary: How University Campuses Can Be Pivotal in the Fight for Gender...

Universities are hotspots of gender diversity- what infrastructural changes do campuses need to adopt to be gender-inclusive?

Beyond Binaries: Developing Gender Inclusive Textbooks for Our Schools

Every now and then, educational posters of an 'Ideal Boy-Good Habits' or an 'Ideal Girl-Good Habits' designed for classrooms go viral on social media. While they may seem harmless at first, a deeper conversation is required on how our education system designs curriculum and learning tools. In this article, we explore how gender inclusive and sensitive our school textbooks are.

Using Data to Improve How Social-Emotional Learning Is Measured

As Sociol-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs move to the spotlight to combat the effects of the pandemic on children, there is growing interest and will among government stakeholders as well as teachers to bring SEL to classrooms in public schools. However, lack of data remains a challenge, which could easily translate insights for designing programs aimed at building SEL competencies among children.

Computer Science Opens Up a World of Possibilities Beyond 0s and 1s

The ‘Learn to Code’ mania risks diminishing the need for Computer Science Education as a subject in Indian schools.

Breaking the Cycle: Why Investing in Primary Education Could Solve India’s Looming Job Crises

How can effective resource allocation towards primary education better learning outcomes and workforce readiness as a whole?