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Indian Students’ Silent Hymns: Of Sanskrit Prayers in Secular Schools

Co-authored by Kaushalya Misra & Avantika Bunga    “What is the problem with saying Vande Mataram? We are saying thank you to mother earth? What...
India school street children

From Streets to Schools | The Bastion x Save the Children

“As the traffic light turns green, the car speeds off, leaving behind a little girl in a yellow dress selling storybooks on the street....

The Paradox of Liberalising our Universities

Written by Tanvi Mehta  The 484-page long Draft National Education Policy emphasizes the need for the liberalization of education. This draws inspiration from ancient Indian...
Money for Nothing: The Disconcerting Future of the Humanities in India The Bastion

Money for Nothing: The Disconcerting Future of the Humanities in India

Co-authored by Ishani Pant and Kirti Dass The study of the humanities and social sciences is being threatened by a lack of funds for facilitating...
Mid-day meal

What We Should Talk About When We Talk About Akshaya Patra

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Shantanu Kishwar  A recent article by The Hindu has triggered controversy surrounding the Akshaya Patra Foundation (APF), particularly regarding their...
Tiktok Edutok The bastion

Let’s #EduTok: Democratising E-Learning or Shrewd PR Gimmick?

Understanding the Context TikTok’s arrival in India has been heralded as a game-changer in Indian social media spaces. The country is home to 120 million...
The Bastion

From Streets To Schools: The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Sanya Sharma  As the traffic light turns red, I hear a knock on the taxi window. Looking out, I see a...
Pune, Teach For India

No-Detention Policy: Boon, Bane or Both?

Written by Amrita Singh Updated on 15/01/19 The No-Detention Policy (NDP) came into existence due to an alarming increase in the rate of school dropouts, and...
India medical

Nowhere Close to Ideal: Scrutinising NEET

Co-authored by Shraddha Tripathi & P. Charith Reddy  A 2017 WHO report revealed that the current doctor-population ratio of India to be 0.62:1000 as against...

Episode 2: Reforming India — Introducing Education Vouchers

Narrated by Sumit K. Yadav  Accessible education still remains one of India’s biggest challenges. Far too many students are not able to attain quality education,...

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