Development and Education

The Telangana SCERT Curriculum Framework: Rigorous or Unrealistic?

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is the governing body of primary and secondary education in the state of Telangana. Although...
Pratap Bhanu Mehta Ashoka University resignation

What Can Universities Do to Protect Academics?

As political pressure mounts on academics, what can Universities do to protect them? What kind of safeguards can they provide? Dr. Bittu and Dr. Shivali Tukdeo explain

The Education Budget 2020: More Money, Less Policy Execution?

Authored by Ipsita Mishra "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - — Benjamin Franklin. With education being one of the key determinants of a country’s...

One Arm Distance: The Return to Schools

As schools across India slowly reopen classrooms to their students, what has the shift back to physical classrooms been like? How can we prepare for a future of hybrid learning?

Open Access Chronicles: Sci-Hub & Beyond (Chapter 7)

Hosted by Swagam Dasgupta  Edited by Malavika VN  In Chapter 6 of this series, Alexandra Elbakyan—founder of Sci-Hub—took us through what led her to create the...

Why Isn’t Quality Primary Education Ever a Poll Promise?

India's learning crisis could gain political legitimacy if used as an electoral platform by political parties.

How CEQUE is Continuing Professional Development for Maharashtra’s Teachers During the Pandemic

CEQUE's unique approach of providing one-on-one coaching to Maharashtra's teachers is helping them teach their students better during online classes.

The Bastion Dialogues: Manu S. Pillai on How We Write Indian History

Anyone who's ever written an academic paper will tell you that while the end product may be enriching, the process itself is laborious, and...

Do Children in Preschool Ever Actually Play “Freely”?

One could say that the “all-work-and-no-play-makes-Jack-a-dull-boy” proverb has been butchered out of context many-a-time. While adults — especially those now overworked from home —...

How Technological Interventions Are Creating Opportunities to Foster Professional Development of Maharashtra’s Education Officers

This is the second in a three-part series in collaboration with Leadership For Equity (LFE) highlighting the challenges and needs, administrative and technological, of...