Transforming Indian Education: What Should the New Education Policy Tackle?

Researched by Tanvi Mehta Written by Amrita SinghThe first National Education Policy of independent India was drafted and implemented in 1968, followed by a second...
Kamathipura Lane

A Hurdle in the Shadows: Providing Education to the Children of Sex Workers

Written by Shagun BhargavaAs the per the last official count held in 2007, India was home to over 3 million sex workers, who continue...

The 2019 National Education Policy Must Enable Girls’ Right to Education

Written by Evita Rodrigues Research by Tanvi Mehta The potential of education to empower often goes unrecognized. It is a tool capable of empowering women to...
Post Colonial Education in South Africa

The Africanization of Education: South Africa’s Attempt to Turn Colonial Tables

Colonialism was largely spurred by a monarchic race for resources, labour and territory. In hindsight, the brutal colonial exploitation of resource-rich Africa seemed inevitable....
India Education College

Fighting the Good Fight: Can Indian Liberal Institutions Stay True to Their Ideals?

Written by Tanvi Mehta While creating the education system for independent India, the first Education Minister, Maulana Azad, shouldered the responsibility of creating an institution...
Money for Nothing: The Disconcerting Future of the Humanities in India The Bastion

Money for Nothing: The Disconcerting Future of the Humanities in India

Co-authored by Ishani Pant and Kirti DassThe study of the humanities and social sciences is being threatened by a lack of funds for facilitating...
Online Virtual Education

Taking the Classroom Online: E-Education for India

India’s education landscape is vast ─ close to 260 million students attend more than 1.5 million schools and around 30.5 million college students attend...

Episode 1: Education for All? Understanding the Needs of the Differently Abled

DISCLAIMER: In this video, we have used the words disabled and disability instead of differently-abled only because most of the legislations use them. We...
India Sex Ed

A Missed Opportunity: Addressing Sexuality Education in the Draft NEP

Written by Parul Malik & Anurag Shukla Any discussion over 'sex’ education continues to be elusive in India. It is met with an enormous amount...
National Education Policy

Should the NEP Prescribe a Three Language Policy with Hindi?

Understanding the Context On the 31st of May 2019, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) released the Draft National Education Policy (NEP), a comprehensive...


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