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From Streets to Schools: Making the Invisible Visible

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Sanya Sharma    “More than anything else, schools are instruments for bridging inequalities in the country and breaking the cycle of...

Education in Times of COVID: The ‘Nook’ Model for Designing Your Own Learning

As I write these lines in my home office, India is under an unprecedented lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis. Shopping malls and cinemas...
Citizen Awareness Electionsvideo

How Can Citizens Decide Electoral Agendas?

How can citizens create political narratives and change the focus of elections to human development indicators like education, health or the environment?

The Perils of Being Queer in Indian Schools

“From being an outspoken frontbencher in class, the constant bullying and unwarranted attention made me isolated and quiet. I began sitting right at the...

The Status of In-service Training For India’s Teachers: Time for a Reality Check?

How far has India come in supporting in-service teachers in primary schools in their continuous professional development?

How Can CSR Grant Agreements Be Redesigned to Not Stifle Non-profits?

The grant agreement reflects and amplifies the unequal power dynamic inherent to CSR, which manifests in the form of unfavourable conditions on the grantee.

5 Reasons Why Ed-tech Cannot be the ‘New Normal’ for a Majority of Indian...

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#Dialogues: Are Anganwadis Equipped to Handle Early Childhood Care & Education?: With Kamal Gaur

Edited by Malavika VN Anganwadis play a crucial function in the development of children throughout the country. Although these centres began as an effort...
Game Based Learning

From Rote to Tech: India’s Path to Ensuring Higher Learning Outcomes

Written by Amrita Singh How would you equally divide 16 oranges between 4 people? This year, the Annual Status of Education Report 2017 (ASER) decided...

Learning Under Lockdown: Voices From Kashmir

Having lived in Kashmir as an educator, but not as a learner, Mubeen Masudi brings to the table a unique perspective on education. Although...