Building an Entrepreneurial India with Ramanathan Ramanan (Part 1)

Edited by Malavika VN

There are some big questions that India currently faces — how do we make use of our demographic dividend? How can we boost jobs for an increasing number of working-class youth? How can we make India a truly global country? It is in an attempt to answer these questions that the NITI Aayog set up the Atal Innovation Mission, to promote entrepreneurship and innovation right from the school level.

Today, R. Ramanan, Mission Director of the Atal Innovation Mission sheds light on the workings, ambition and design of the mission. In part 1 of our series ‘Building an Entrepreneurial India’, Mr Ramanan sheds light on issues ranging from the requirements to build a nation of job creators to India’s place in a rapidly advancing, technologically dependent world.



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