Urban Ecology

Specific focus on citizens, municipal corporations and governance in fast-growing cities; rapid diminishing of urban ecosystems and the impact of natural resources. Emphasising the environment as the pivot in urban planning.

Unravelling Pune’s COVID-19 Migrant Crisis: History Speaks

As Pune’s boundaries become more fluid, ‘Puneris’—a historically nuanced descriptor that includes migrant groups—are diversifying too.
Central Vista Redevelopment Projectvideo

The Many Controversies of the Central Vista Redevelopment Project

Missed out on why the Central Vista Redevelopment Project has been facing huge public outrage? Here is a quick recap of the project and the many controversies that surround it.

Construction Mud Puts Settlements on the Edge of Eviction in Yamuna Khadar

New Delhi's Central Vista Redevelopment Project puts Yamuna Khadar's settlements on the edge of eviction.

A Port Expansion is the Latest Threat to the Ennore-Pulicat Wetlands

No Chennai resident can possibly forget the floods of 2015. The horrors of this natural disaster that impacted more than 30 lakh families, and...

Shrinking Commons Amidst Delhi’s Unplanned Urbanisation

Ram Kumar Roja, 76 years of age, is standing on a ground, bordered by a few trees and a wall. This one acre piece...

Are Residential Welfare Associations the Missing Key in Urban Governance Models?

There are a few characteristics becoming increasingly common across Indian cities. A deluge of a couple of hours can end up flooding a city....

The Ecological History of Delhi’s Ridge with Thomas Crowley

Interviewed by Aarathi Ganesan; Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal. There are history books written on pretty much everything in India--be it kings, kingdoms, cultures, or even...

The Fight for Clean Air in the City of Joy

Over the years, Kolkata has celebrated Diwali and Kali Puja—which fall between October to November—with religious vigor, accompanied by the carefree bursting of fireworks....

Demolishing Nurseries to Plant Trees on the Banks of the Yamuna

Every year during the monsoons my social media blows up with reports of the Yamuna floodplains brimming with water, closely followed by stories on...

In Southwest Delhi, Fields Have Been Underwater for the Last Two Decades

In Raota, a village in southwest Delhi, a blue wooden canoe floats. Four feet below the canoe is this year’s kharif paddy crop, now...