Life in Traffic, Not Fantastic: Why Are Bengaluru’s Roads So Bad?

Bengaluru is seen as a global city on almost all accounts—the quality of education, diverse cultures, a booming startup hub and much more. But the city has been unable to meet one basic, fundamental demand of its citizens—good roads. The poor condition of Bengaluru’s roads have been well documented and complained about since time immemorial. Roads are laid only to be dug up again, leaving commuters stuck in traffic for hours on end.

It’s of little surprise then, that Bengaluru has been ranked as one of the world’s most congested cities. But why are Bengaluru’s roads so bad? Who is responsible for them? And why is this such a persistent problem?

With insights from Tara Krishnaswamy, Co-Founder, Citizens For Bengaluru, ​this week, we explore just what the problem is with the city’s roads and what could be done to solve this.

Shot and Narrated by Manasi Nene

Researched and Scripted by Divina Ann Philipose

Featured image courtesy Mobygeek


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