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What Makes Indore’s Narmada Water Project One of the Costliest in...

As the Indore Municipal Corporation gears up to launch Phase 4 of the Narmada Project, Part 1 of The Bastion’s series highlights why the financial viability of the project begs inspection and an overall rethinking of Indore’s water supply channels.

BMLTA Beku, BMLTA Beda: Can A Transport Authority Fix Bengaluru’s Traffic...

Bengaluru is the sixth most congested city in the world. Can a new transport authority step up to clear Bengaluru's roads?

Reimagining Public Spaces for the Urban Poor Post COVID-19

For the poor and socially marginalized groups already living on the edge in India's cities, the pandemic has dealt a severe blow, isolating them physically, socially and economically. Access to public spaces can transform the lives they lead.

Your Corporator: The Elected Representative You Forget to Vote For

Corporators have the agency and opportunity to attend to, if not solve, the most immediate and proximate woes of an urban citizen. Yet, municipal elections continue to be one of the most ignored aspects of Indian democracy, with local politics playing subordinate to state and national politics.

Life in Traffic, Not Fantastic: Why Are Bengaluru’s Roads So Bad?

The poor condition of Bengaluru's roads are well-documented and have been groaned about since time immemorial. Roads are laid in the city only to be dug up again, leaving commuters stuck in traffic for hours on end. But why are Bengaluru's roads so bad? Who is responsible for them? And why is this such a persistent problem?

Finding Delhi’s “Encroachers”: The Lal Dora Investigation

Aside from low-income "encroachers" of common land, there are much larger players in Delhi who must also share the blame of worsening Delhi’s land scarcity.

Can Land Consolidation Prevent Encroachment and Evictions in Delhi’s Lal Dora...

In the absence of the implementation of land consolidation laws, at lease 40 of Delhi's lal dora villages could face evictions for 'encroachment'.

Shrinking Commons Amidst Delhi’s Unplanned Urbanisation

Ram Kumar Roja, 76 years of age, is standing on a ground, bordered by a few trees and a wall. This one acre piece...

Are Residential Welfare Associations the Missing Key in Urban Governance Models?

There are a few characteristics becoming increasingly common across Indian cities. A deluge of a couple of hours can end up flooding a city....

The System vs. the Ecosystem: Citizen’s conservation of the Surajpur Wetlands

Authored by Vaishnavi Rathore | This article is the final instalment of Vaishnavi's series 'Ecology and the City', which explores how complications in urban...