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Understanding and evaluating India’s resource management methods, policies and strategies.


Out Of Breath: The Okhla Landfill

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty and Ohida Khandahar For years, residents of and around Delhi have witnessed mountains of waste popping up in different pockets...

Coal Mining in India: Enter, the Private Sector

Featured photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash. Something big is going down in India's coal sector. The Central government, through The Mineral Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020 laid...
Green Politics Indiavideo

Why Do We Need Green Politics In India?

Despite India facing regular environmental and natural crises such as floods and droughts, there is a lack of political representation of the "environment" as...
Is Your Data Use Harming the Environment?

Is Your Data Use Harming the Environment?

Written by Vaishnavi Rathore After booking my train ticket online, I received a confirmation in my email inbox. The ticket ended with “Please don’t print...
Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfillvideo

Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfill

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty  Just a few kilometres further from Delhi’s Jahangirpuri metro station lies a ‘hill’ that will leave you staring at it in...

Part II: Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?

This is the second instalment of Ajitesh Bohar's graphic series 'Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?' Click here to read the other parts.  To be continued...

Building Sustenance

The world’s cities occupy just 2% of the land use but account for 71-76% of energy-related global greenhouse gas emissions. Closer to home, India’s...

ZBNF: Will One Size Fit All?

By Vaishnavi Rathore  Zero Budget Natural Farming is a fairly self-explanatory term. An alternative to conventional farming, ZBNF claims to have almost negligible investment in...
Asha and farm

Zeroing Down on Zero Budget Farming

Authored by Vaishnavi Rathore  Asha’s husband did not believe her initially. Neither did most of her neighbours in Pichompa Kalan, Haryana. An orchard of citrus...

Kolkata’s ‘Environmental Subsidy’ is in Danger

Written by Arnab Chakraborty  Peri-urban Kolkata, to the East of the city, is dotted with several water-bodies, farms, and stinky canals. This same site is...

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