Resource Management

Understanding and evaluating India’s resource management methods, policies and strategies.

Natural Springs, A Neglected Resource in India’s Water Management System

Natural springs have been a major water source and a vital part of the hydrological cycle for millennia. The very existence of springs has...

Reviving the Thar Desert’s Camel Culture

Sumer Singh Bhati’s Whatsapp status is a photograph of a notice published in Rajasthan’s local newspaper. It informs that 12 kilometres of transmission lines...
Shimla Water

Shimla’s Woes: Understanding the Water Crisis

Co-authored by Ishani Pant & Aishwarya Birla The acute shortage of water in Shimla has resulted in yet another round of blame games, while affected...
Threat that Looms in the Air: A Report of New Delhi during Diwali

Threats Looming in the Air: An Assessment of New Delhi During Diwali

Researched by Siddhant Sachdeva Written by Gauri Bansal Every year, a blanket of thick and toxic smog engulfs most of the National Capital Region, with air pollution...

The Making of Disaster Vulnerabilities in the Himalayas

Without focusing on migration and the loss of local knowledge and land systems in the Himalayas, the conversation on disaster management here is incomplete.

Moving When the World is Still: The Seasonal Migration of Van Gujjars Amidst a...

Lockdowns and COVID-19 policies within the Protected Areas that Van Gujjars inhabit during the summer have diminished their autonomy over their livelihood.
FRA Tribal rights

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Conservation, Rights and Exclusion in India’s Forests

Written by Arpitha Kodiveri “The Forest Department is not ready to share its power; it sees itself as a landlord of these forest areas. The...

Channelling the Right to Work Towards Climate Resilient, Sustainable Livelihoods

The cumulative effect that MNREGS activities can have on reducing agriculture, disaster, and livelihood-based vulnerabilities of rural households is staggering, and frankly quite underrated.

Mega ‘Eco’tourism Project Questions Wetland Ownership and Livelihoods in Manipur’s Loktak Lake

While locals see merit in tourism as an alternative livelihood, they are asking for the adoption of a community-owned eco-tourism model, instead of the top-down, large-scale tourism model being proposed.

Environmental Data is Critical to Fighting the Climate Crisis: Data Stewardship Can Put It...

To fight the climate crisis, data stewardship presents possible pathways to responsibly unlock the value of environmental data while also safeguarding against misuse.