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Education for the Marginalized

Analyzing the accessibility, inclusivity and efficacy of education for the marginalized in India.


Bastion Shorts: Has AAP’s Education Model Really Worked?

The Bastion Shorts—Episode 5 As Delhi goes to vote tomorrow, many of us would be basing our votes on the reforms brought about in...
how successful has the universalization of education in india been so far?"

How Successful has the Universalization of Education in India Been so Far?

The Bastion and Teach for India have collaborated! Over the next few weeks, TFI's #JollyGoodFellows will be bringing you ground stories on some of India's most pressing education issues, straight from their classrooms. As we gear up for the 2020 budget, Manish Sharma explores the various issues plaguing the education sector, and how funds alone may not solve all of the issues affecting it.

Making Education Relevant Again

Authored by Purvi Asthana  Grade 9 Topic: Precipitation Aim: To describe what precipitation is and the different forms in which it occurs  “Does the aim matter to...

A Low Benchmark: The State of Infrastructure in Our Schools

Written & Photographed by Apurva Sankar Working as a Teach For India Fellow in a government school for the past 2 years has given me...

(Don’t) Get Smart: How Schools and Education Policies Are Failing The Growing Brain

This is the first instalment of a two-part series by Aparna Ramanujam on how incorporating findings from developmental neuroscience into Indian education policies can...

Change-makers in the Classroom: Centring Students in Educational Institutes

Written by Hafsa Maqbool Malik The state of Telangana was created on the 2nd of June, 2014, making it the 29th state of the country....

Bride and Prejudice: Fighting against child marriage in Delhi’s schools

Authored by Ipsita Mishra “I want to become an air hostess but I don’t know what will happen in the future. I don’t know if...

Trapped! How our education system makes and breaks learning traps

Authored by Upasna Sachdeva In Part 1 of this series on Learning Traps, we introduced learning traps in the education system. A learning trap is...

Trapped! What’s Putting a Glass Ceiling on Students in India’s Classrooms?

"...the teacher still feels accountable for completing the prescribed syllabus (..) Children who fall behind stay behind as the rest of the class moves...
OTF Andhra Education

Equity or Error? Assessing Andhra Pradesh’s English-ization of School Education

Understanding the Context English-medium education in India is becoming more lucrative by the day. This global lingua franca, which has found its way into most...

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