Education for the Marginalized

Analyzing the accessibility, inclusivity and efficacy of education for the marginalized in India.

Why Isn’t Quality Primary Education Ever a Poll Promise?

India's learning crisis could gain political legitimacy if used as an electoral platform by political parties.

How Can Our Government-Run MOOCs Be Better?

With the onset of the second wave across India, Massive Online Open Courses will continue to be a light in the dark for stay-at-home learners. But how many government-run MOOCS do you even know of?

Learning Under a Flyover in New Delhi’s Mayur Vihar

In Delhi's Mayur Vihar, this school under a flyover is filling the pandemic's education gaps.
public school consolidation India

In Search of a Vaccine for Public Education: Is School Consolidation the Answer?

By Sourya Reddy  The idea of school consolidations are fairly simple in theory; for a particular region, in schools where there are too few students,...
School Consolidation India

In Search of a Vaccine for Public Education: What’s With Consolidating Schools?

By Sourya Reddy  Headlines like these have been finding a place in newspapers for a little over a couple of years now. Of the sparse...

Who Will Protect the Mental Justice of Deprived Communities?

Growing up, I would never have a fitting response for my school friends when they laughed at me for spending hours in line to...

The 4 Pillars of Delhi’s School Education Reforms

India is the world’s fifth-largest economy with hopes to become the fastest-growing major economy globally by piggybacking on its biggest structural advantage: a large...

Reopening Schools After 6 Months: Policy Innovation in the Face of Learning Losses

Schools and other educational institutions have been given conditional permission to resume physical classes as per the recent order of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The...

#Dialogues: Are Anganwadis Equipped to Handle Early Childhood Care & Education?: With Kamal Gaur

Edited by Malavika VN Anganwadis play a crucial function in the development of children throughout the country. Although these centres began as an effort...

5 Reasons Why Ed-tech Cannot be the ‘New Normal’ for a Majority of Indian...

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