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Education for the Marginalized

Analyzing the accessibility, inclusivity and efficacy of education for the marginalized in India.


A Priority Check: Bangladesh’s Tussle with Quotas

Written by Gopika Kumaran  Once again, the streets of Dhaka are filling up with students in protest against the age-old quota system for the Bangladesh Civil...
This Seat is Reserved! The Underbelly of Discretionary Quotas in Kendriya Vidyalayas

This Seat is Reserved! The Underbelly of Discretionary Quotas in Kendriya Vidyalayas

Researched and Written by Aarathi Ganesan Last week, Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD) Prakash Javadekar, along with his predecessor Smriti Irani, came under the...

Inclusive Education for the Visually Impaired

Written by Ipsita Mishra  “I lost my vision to Chickenpox in my childhood. I used to feel that this has only happened to me until...

Episode 2: Reforming India — Introducing Education Vouchers

Narrated by Sumit K. Yadav  Accessible education still remains one of India’s biggest challenges. Far too many students are not able to attain quality education,...

A ‘Next Generation’ Education for Delhi

Written by Ipsita Mishra  "Delhi will soon have its own education board, that will not be a replacement for CBSE, but a ‘next-generation board’ to...
Mid-day meal

What We Should Talk About When We Talk About Akshaya Patra

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Shantanu Kishwar  A recent article by The Hindu has triggered controversy surrounding the Akshaya Patra Foundation (APF), particularly regarding their...
India Violence

No Country for Foreign Students

Co-authored by Amrita Singh & Aakanksha Jadhav Another day, another session of rigorous frisking and mockery in an unknown language. Frederick*, well equipped to enter...

Educating India’s Daughter: Has the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana Worked?

  Structural and socio-cultural limitations entrenched in modern India have prevented innumerable young girls from attending school across the country. Lack of access to education...
Post Colonial Education in South Africa

The Africanization of Education: South Africa’s Attempt to Turn Colonial Tables

Colonialism was largely spurred by a monarchic race for resources, labour and territory. In hindsight, the brutal colonial exploitation of resource-rich Africa seemed inevitable....

‘Developing’ Education or Cultural Distancing? Delving into the EMRS Scheme

Written by Ayush Jain Ever since Independence, the educational indicators of India’s Scheduled Tribe (ST) population have been much lower compared to the rest of...

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