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The Bastion aims to be an international news and media organization. By collaborating with similarly driven individuals/organizations from across the world, we aspire to present journalism steeped in quality research. At The Bastion, we want to add something new to existing conversations and, as often as possible, start new ones.If you’re interested in joining our team, have a look at the positions currently open, below:

Writer ─ Politics &
As of now, we have carefully chosen three topics to focus our expertise in: Environment, Education and Sports. The Bastion aims to become a leader when it comes to policy research, expertise and data-driven opinion in these fields.

a. Politics & the Environment: This section will not just focus on broad environmental issues which concern our society, but will primarily address issues involving analysis of policy, spending and implementation, etc. related to this field.

b. Politics & Education: This section will look at education, again, in terms of policy, inequalities, access, etc. The scope of this topic is massive; it can expand into critically assessing present-day educational structures to more undiscussed issues of education for tribes and the disabled.

c. Politics & Sports: With increasing amounts of money being raised and spent in the sporting world, this section will look at policies, impact, spending, inequalities etc. in the world of sports.

The candidate will be expected to:

• Have impeccable analytical skills with a keen interest in policy, data trends and research in the field of Sports, Environment or Education

• 1+ years of professional reporting/research experience

• Be able to work with senior editors and researchers, often in limited time to develop concise articles

• Adhere to submission deadlines.

If you are not interested in the Politics & section, do not worry. All our other opinion pieces will be published separately and regularly within our Opinion section.

Interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to: [email protected]
Please state “Writer─ Politics &” or “Writer ─ Opinion” in the subject line respectively.

Research Assistant
The candidate will work alongside The Bastion’s Research Team and will be expected to:

• Possess a general grasp of a cross-section of news – such as politics, business, international affairs etc.

• Be comfortable with data collecting, cleaning and its analysis

• Be comfortable with data representation in the form of statistics, charts and graphs

• Write quick, crisp abstracts in time-bound situations

• Maintain and update databases

Interested applicants should send their CV and cover letter to: [email protected]
Please state “Research Assistant” in the subject line. 


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