Why Community Libraries Matter

Hosted and Edited by Manasi Nene 

If you grew up in a place like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, it’s quite likely that you had access to a library, in your school or otherwise, to study or to borrow books. But what if libraries could be more than that? What if libraries could be community catalysts, acting as spaces to learn financial literacy, organise community events, and even becoming Covid relief camps? There is a whole movement spreading across India, trying to create libraries that cater to the different needs of our diverse communities.

We spoke with Jatin Lalit, founder of Bansa Community Library, Cheruia Community Library and Gramin Library, along with Rituparna Neog of Free Libraries Network to learn more about the different impacts a library can have, and how to build a library in your own community.

Manasi is a writer, filmmaker, and musician who is keen on exploring issues of education, technology and community mental health. She has also been active in the beatboxing and slam poetry communities of India. Off-the-clock, she can be found cycling, daydreaming, or daydreaming about cycling. Manasi works as The Bastion's Multimedia Associate.


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