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Colourful Walls, Learning All-Round: This Village is Bringing Education Closer to...

“My son started reading small words only because of these paintings on the wall—he learned them unconsciously as a part of the play...

Background Questionnaire in Large Scale Assessments Can Improve Students’ Academic Performance

How can background questionnaires improve students' academic performance and learning? These large-scale assessments can ensure equitable and quality education.

Beyond More Enrolment, RTE Needs to Consider Out-of-Class Lives

In a country that seems to be obsessed with Gross Enrolment Ratios, the lives of Om and Swati, students in Mumbai and Madhya Pradesh, force us to pause and reconsider.

Computer Science Opens Up a World of Possibilities Beyond 0s and...

The ‘Learn to Code’ mania risks diminishing the need for Computer Science Education as a subject in Indian schools.

It’s Time to Regulate India’s EdTech Sector

In the last two years, more than 150 million students have entered India’s EdTech sector besides platform users such as teachers and administrators. The role of EdTechs is no longer limited to imparting education through online classes. This calls for a regulatory framework by the government that safeguards the interests of all stakeholders offering and availing the varied educational services.

India’s Self-Regulated EdTech Industry is Affecting Lakhs of Lives

The lack of timely reforms has enabled the EdTech sector to flourish, but at the cost of its stakeholders—lakhs of teachers, students and parents, and schools.

Why Community Libraries Matter

How are community libraries changing the way children access education? What kind of a role can they play in a community's life? And how does one go about setting up a community library? Let's find out.