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Intezaar: Ibrahim Ansari’s Story | From Streets to Schools

For the better part of a month, The Bastion Staff travelled to different cities and met so many kids who live off the streets....
India school street children

From Streets to Schools | The Bastion x Save the Children

“As the traffic light turns green, the car speeds off, leaving behind a little girl in a yellow dress selling storybooks on the street....

YUWA: Empowering Jharkhand’s Girls, One Bootlace at a Time

Co-authored by Ishaan Banerji and P. Charith Reddy  “The first thing I noticed in the village is that while boys play, girls work” - Franz...

The Stuff That Champions Are Made Of

Written by Dhruv Raman What does it take to win an extraordinary game? An extraordinary performance, right? Think back to the biggest games you have...

The Pink and Blue Divide: Rethinking Children’s Textbooks in a Post 377 India

Co-authored by Ayushi Ghosh and Kartik Sundar The striking down of a controversial 158-year old provision of Section 377 to decriminalize non-procreative relationships was a...
India Children Education

From Streets to Schools: Making the Invisible Visible

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Sanya Sharma    “More than anything else, schools are instruments for bridging inequalities in the country and breaking the cycle of...
The Bastion

From Streets To Schools: The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Co-authored by Evita Rodrigues and Sanya Sharma As the traffic light turns red, I hear a knock on the taxi window. Looking out, I see a...

The Longest Yard: Struggles of Student Athletes in India – Part II

Written by Sunalika Singh At the centre of any strong sporting country lies a successful youth training and development engine. Whether you look at China’s...

The Saga of Film Education: Raising Cinema to be Respectable

Written by K. Hariharan Cinema in the 20th century was the most dominant form of popular culture across the world. Simultaneously, it was considered the...
The Bastion

Mapping the Illegal Trade of Wildlife on Social Media

Co-authored by Avantika Bunga and Kartik SundarThe internet’s capacity to enable anonymity has attracted a slew of users who use it for illicit gains....


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