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Pictures Speak Louder Than Words: Should Comics Be Taken Seriously in the Classroom?

Authored by Ipsita Mishra Did you ever sneak-read a Batman graphic novel at night, hiding under the blanket using a flashlight, and wish that your...

Ecosystems As Public Health Services In India

Access to ecosystem services is important for communities that lack access to quality healthcare, because they serve as basic and free healthcare systems.

What the Frack: Is India Ready for Shale?

Co-authored by Sunalika Singh and Charith Reddy  As the third largest consumer of energy in the world, India is far from energy independence; with the...

Trapped! How our education system makes and breaks learning traps

This article is the second instalment of a two-part series on why learning traps ensnare children in cycles of poor academic performances, and what...

Beyond the Books: Art Education in India

Written by Ipsita Mishra  “What is Art? It is the response of an individual’s creative soul to the call of the real” —Rabindranath Tagore Art figures in...

Tragedy of the Commons: How a Flawed and Racist Metaphor Continues to Dominate Environmental...

The Tragedy of the Commons is one of the most influential ideas in environmental thinking. But, a deeper look at the metaphor reveals that community governance of commons, as opposed to privatisation, may in fact be the answer to governance woes.

The Future of Angrezi Medium in Andhra Pradesh

Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, made headlines in November 2019, with a proposal to convert all government schools into English-medium...

Mangroves, The Neglected Primary Responders For Tropical Storms

With more cyclones brewing over the Arabian Sea, states on India's west coast should revisit the role of mangroves in cyclone mitigation measures.

The Dark Side of Google’s News Aggregation: A Look at CCI vs Google

The Competition Commission of India is of the opinion that Google has been abusing its dominant position as a news aggregator. How do we ensure that news publishers do not receive the short end of the stick?

The Laws of the Land of Social Media

While the 2021 IT Rules attempt to regulate the harms of social media, they will also place disproportionate regulatory power in the government's hands.