Tokyo Calling: Can Bio-bubbles Safeguard the Olympics?

Hosted by Chirag Chinnappa 
Edited by Manasi Nene

“I believe that the possibility of these Games going on is 100 percent that we will do this”, said Seiko Hashimoto, chief organiser of the Tokyo Summer Olympics to be held later this year. As the games draw closer and closer, criticism has been mounting, and many have questioned whether going ahead with the games in a safe and secure manner is actually possible.

But, “if there’s one country that can do it better than any other, I’m pretty sure that Tokyo and Japan are going to do it safely and securely”, says John Gloster, Head of Sports Science at GoSports Foundation and Head Physiotherapist at Rajasthan Royals, in conversation with Chirag Chinnappa. He outlines the different measures that Japan is taking, how making bio-bubbles as comfortable as possible is necessary and why the games should go ahead as planned.

This is part 1 of our series, Tokyo Calling, in partnership with GoSports Foundation.

Chirag is the Co-Founder of and Chief Editor at The Bastion. Most of his work is fuelled by dinner-table conversations where adults hold unwavering beliefs and an even stronger will to listen selectively.



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