Cannabis Athlete

High Hopes: Athletes’ Case for Legalising Cannabis

Co-authored by Siddhant Sachdeva & Sreeradh RadhakrishnanIn April 2018, former Golden State Warriors player Matt Barnes revealed in an interview that he used cannabis...
World Cup Russia

Racism on the World Stage: Russia and the FIFA World Cup

Written by Kartik SundarImagine having slogged on the football field day in and day out for your entire life, all to work up to...

The Gambling Industry’s Legal War: Searching for the Line Between Luck and Skill

Written by Kartik Sundar After a gruelling five days of high-stakes competition, the Delhi Panthers emerged victorious in the first season of the Poker Sports...
Sports Agents

‘Gods’ of Cricket: Understanding the Role of Players’ Agents

Written by Tanay Gokhale There is no arguing that Sachin Tendulkar was the first Indian (and perhaps even global) cricket ‘brand’. Mark Mascarenhas was instrumental...
LoL-Esports-Championship-1024x576 (1) The Bastion

Virtual Battlegrounds: Where “Digital Athletes” are Making a Strong Case for Themselves

Written by Kartik Sundar When ESPN first broadcasted “The International” in 2014, they were met with waves of criticism from their base audience. For the...
Racial Quotas: Right-ing the Wrongs in South African Cricket The Bastion

Racial Quotas: Right-ing the Wrongs in South African Cricket

Co-authored by Sreeradh Radhakrishnan and Parkhee Rattan  In Depth Despite their reputation for choking in major tournaments, South Africa has been among the best sides in...
Sports Tech

Making India Great: The Urgent Need for Sports Technology

Co-authored by Aditya Vikram and Tanay Gokhale It doesn’t take an ardent sports fan to notice that technology has insidiously impacted the way we view,...
The Bastion Check Mate

Checkmate: Why is there a World Women’s Chess Championship?

Written by Parkhee Rattan  At various levels in almost every sport, tournaments are conducted as platforms where the best athletes compete against each other for...

Turning Back Time: Cricket in the USA

Written by Arvind Pennathur  It is peculiar that cricket, the second most popular sport in the world, is practically non-existent in arguably the most influential...
#MeToo? Silent Screams of Sexual Abuse in Competitive Sport The Bastion

#MeToo? Silent Screams of Sexual Abuse in Competitive Sport

Co-authored by Kartik Sundar and Aditya Vikram The revelation that the USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar abused over 250 young women briefly drew global attention...


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