How More Women Coaches Can Change The Game In India

Hosted by Chirag Chinnappa 
Edited by Manasi Nene

“When you dig deeper, you realise that gender equity is a whole ecosystem in sports,” says Lisa Murawsky. This ecosystem involves not only the sportswomen themselves, but also the coaches, referees, and even the communities to which they all belong. But how does one address this imbalance, and get more girls playing sports?

One of the key ways is to get more women involved in coaching — they can understand the experiences of sportswomen better, and allow the players (especially in rural India) to express themselves “freely and comfortably”.

So how exactly can female coaches empower this ecosystem? And what impact can sports have on the lives of women in rural India? We talk to Lisa Murawksky, Sports Director at Naandi Foundation, Disha Malhotra, Head Coach at the Game Changers Program, and Bhavika, Hajmina and Dimpal from Jambusar, Gujarat, to understand more.



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