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Kabaddi outskirts to Pro Kabaddi League

Rising from the Dust: The Pro Kabaddi League is Here to Stay

Anup Kumar. Rahul Chaudhuri. Surender Nada. If these names ring a bell in your head, then you must be another viewer submerged under the...

COVID-19 vs 2020’s Sports Calendar: Checking Our Priorities

The Bastion Shorts—Episode 8 The world is at a standstill. As the novel Coronavirus spreads further, the world seems to be locking-down. Earlier this month...

The Indian Grand Prix: Where Has It Gone?

Researched by Yash Budhwar Written by Tanay Gokhale Between 2011 and 2013, India hosted three editions of the Indian Grand Prix at the Buddh International Circuit...

India’s Sportswomen – A Brighter Future

  In the recently concluded 2017 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, India's Women in Blue came astonishingly close to winning their first ever World Cup....

How Can CSR Grant Agreements Be Redesigned to Not Stifle Non-profits?

The grant agreement reflects and amplifies the unequal power dynamic inherent to CSR, which manifests in the form of unfavourable conditions on the grantee.

Putting the Athlete First: Data Protection in Sports

Written by Swagam Dasgupta & Sourya Reddy  Fitbit. Apple. Samsung. Boltt. Huawei. What do all these companies have in common? The ability to tell you...
Breaking Down University Sports Quotas

Breaking Down University Sports Quotas

Researched by Ajith Kidambi Presented & edited by Sumit Krishna Yadav University sports quotas provide budding athletes with the opportunity to receive a decent...

Making Light of Numbers: Indian Paralympic Athletes Defying Age

Having the right support system and entourage can take Indian athletes to world-beating levels.
Dialogues The Bastion Nandan Kamath

#Dialogues: Reforming Sports Quotas in India With Nandan Kamath

In the first part of our #Dialogues series on sports quotas, Nandan Kamath from GoSports Foundation, The Sports Law & Policy Centre and LawNK...
Football Argentina

A Whitewashed Nation: Race and Football in Argentina

Written by Kartik Sundar  If you were to walk down the streets of Buenos Aires, you would be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere in...