From Rio to Tokyo: Unlocking India’s Paralympic Potential with Deepthi Bopaiah (Part 3 of #Changethescript)

Hosted by Chirag Chinnappa
Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal

In the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Indian para-athletes brought in more podium finishes (2 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze) than their able-bodied counterparts at the Olympics. While para-athletics has since been the subject of far more media coverage and outreach, just what did it take for them to make it? Has the support structure for Paralympic athletes in India changed? Why should India allocate more attention and resources to these athletes?

We explore these questions and more, in part 3 of our series — #Changethescript — with Deepthi Bopaiah, Executive Director of the GoSports Foundation.


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