Badminton in India: Smashing the Way to the Top

Badminton is considered to be one of the fastest racket sports in the world. Apart from its fierce competitiveness, it is also very helpful in terms of fitness, with the thighs, shoulders, core, agility and bodily stamina all benefiting through regular playing. In India, the sport has rapidly gained momentum over the last few years. A big factor in this phenomenon is the introduction of the Premier Badminton League, which has boosted the careers of many local players as well as generated an interest in the sport, which can be seen by the vast audiences who tune in to the televised event. Given that India contributes most to the Top 100 world player list and that Badminton Association of India (BAI) has declared itself financially autonomous from the government, there seems to be nothing holding the country back from cementing itself at the pinnacle of world badminton.


  1. Indeed India is doing superbly in badminton. It was always meant to be a sport where we would be expected to do well since it involved wrists
    However, the resurgence has happened only because Gopichand has raised the benchmark for us


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