One Arm Distance: The Return to Schools

Scripted & Narrated by Divina Ann Philipose 
Shot & Edited by Manasi Nene

In November, schools across Karnataka opened once again, after being closed due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been well documented that the initial shift onto online learning was difficult for students, parents, teachers and administrators. But what of the transition back to classrooms, with chalk on board?

Divina Ann Philipose and Manasi Nene went to two schools in Bangalore—Lawrence School SSLC and Lawrence High ICSE—to understand the ground reality of the reopening; what precautions were schools taking? How have students and teachers adapted to learning and teaching after two years? With the pandemic still a looming threat, what do students want from their schools going ahead?

Divina is a writer, graphic designer, and photographer in the making. She likes to look at how gender impacts conservation, public health, and the representation of gender in media. She is also of the strong opinion that drinking a particular hot beverage is unnecessary, much to the disagreement of everyone at The Bastion. Pablo, the office dog, however, agrees. Divina is an intern at The Bastion.



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