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Open Access Chronicles Indiavideo

Open Access Chronicles: The Costs of Academic Publishing (Chapter 3)

Hosted by Sourya Reddy Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal In Chapter 2 of the Open Access Chronicles, Dr. Peter Suber took us through the early days of...

Open Access Chronicles: The Origin Story with Dr. Peter Suber (Chapter 2)

Hosted by Sourya Reddy Edited by Malavika VN From the early days of academic publishing to the emergence of an oligopoly, Chapter 1 of our series...

Where Do Communities Go When Areas are ‘Protected’?

Narrated by Aarathi Ganesan Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal The number of national parks and reserves in India are increasing. Between 1987 and 2020, the numbers of...

Open Access Chronicles: How Did We Get Here? (Chapter 1)

Narrated by Sourya Reddy Edited by Malavika VN If you're a researcher or a college student, chances are, you've probably come across websites like Sci-hub. Controversial...
Technicaly Speaking, How Can you and I combat Fake Newsvideo

Technically Speaking, Here are 4 Ways You & I Can Combat Fake News

Fake news has been the hot topic that shows no signs of dissipating; that is, unless individuals come to the fore and do their best to combat the issue. With this in mind, we list out four things you and I can do from the comfort of our own homes and devices to negate this information disorder.
Technically Speaking, Here are 4 Things to Know About Fake Newsvideo

Technically Speaking, Here are 4 Things to Know About Fake News

In the age of constant information being bombarded towards us through our numerous devices every second, it might be time we stopped to think about exactly how much information you and I consume that is actually credible. With this in mind, in today's video we dissect four critical elements of Fake News that make it a constant and dangerous pest in our daily lives.

Technically Speaking, Where Is India’s Public Wifi?

Edited by Malavika VN Three years ago, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, more commonly known as TRAI, designed a unique framework for Public Wifi...
Kiran Karnik The Bastionvideo

Dialling 102: How Can We (Re)Design Healthcare in India

Kiran Karnik — Former President, NASSCOM and Founder & Former Director, ISRO’s Development and Educational Communication Unit — speaks about reforming and redesigning India’s healthcare sector, in conversation with Sourya Reddy.

Technically Speaking, Why Does India Need More Public Wifi?

While the global average stands at about one public Wifi hotspot per 150 people, India currently has just about one lakh hotspots for its population of almost 1.4 billion residents. However, with mobile networks bearing the burden of data consumption in the country, what's the need for investing in a robust and accessible public Wifi infrastructure?
Vikram Chandra Editorjivideo

Technically Speaking, How Can Technology Reform TV News? With Vikram Chandra

Chirag Chinnappa speaks to Vikram Chandra—Founder of Editorji and an ex-TV journalist—on how technology, specifically AI, can be utilized to fix the Indian digital news ecosystem.