Riding the EV Wave: Challenges to the New Two-Wheeler Revolution

India is in the midst of a big Electric Vehicle (EV) boom, aided by huge private sector and government interest. This is especially true of the two-wheeler EV sector. Ola Electric’s recent release of its new e-scooter only added more investor and public excitement to this sector. But there are a few challenges if India has to realise its EV dreams.

First, much like mobile phones in the 2000s and early 2010s, will each e-two wheeler have its own charger? Second, what about charging infrastructure? Do we have enough urban infrastructure to support the smooth charging of EVs? And lastly, will India’s electricity woes trouble the growth of the EV industry?

Nilay Chandra, the Director of Marketing and Charging Infrastructure at Ather Energy takes us through these challenges and offers solutions on what must be done to realise India’s EV potential.


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