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Examining laws that govern sport which are critical for protection of athletes and the governing of sports bodies.

The Gambling Industry’s Legal War: Searching for the Line Between Luck and Skill

Written by Kartik Sundar  After a gruelling five days of high-stakes competition, the Delhi Panthers emerged victorious in the first season of the Poker Sports...
Indian Super League and I-League

The Identity Crisis of League Football in India

India is on the cusp of a footballing explosion. The Indian Super League, now entering its fourth year, has continued to garner enormous investment....

A Host of Complications: Of International Sporting Events and Diplomacy

Written by Kartik Sundar 3.6 billion. That figure represents almost half the world’s total population. It is also the estimated number of people who tuned...
LoL-Esports-Championship-1024x576 (1) The Bastion

Virtual Battlegrounds: Where “Digital Athletes” are Making a Strong Case for Themselves

Written by Kartik Sundar  When ESPN first broadcasted “The International” in 2014, they were met with waves of criticism from their base audience. For the...

On Shaky Ground: The I-League’s Uncertain Future

Written by Suyash Tiwari  The last couple of months have been an uncomfortable period for Indian football. As the I-League clubs struggle to maintain their...

Treating the Unseen: Pro-Athletes’ Struggle with Mental Health

Written by Ajoy S. Karpuram  Strength. Alpha. Superhuman. These are just a few of the words we use to identify professional athletes. Ever since the...
Then Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Dr. M.S. Gill with the Indian Hockey Team who won the Silver medal , at Major Dhyan Chand National Hockey Stadium, in New Delhi on October 14, 2010

Indian Hockey: Playing with a Fractured Spine

The Indian men’s hockey team is the most successful team in Olympic history with 8 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. As India’s...
Let's Talk about Fixing Match-fixing in Professional Sport

Let’s Talk about Match-fixing in Professional Sport

Researched and written by Tanay Gokhale  Sports has long been a source of leisure activity for the masses. But with the advent of globalization and the...
Football Argentina

A Whitewashed Nation: Race and Football in Argentina

Written by Kartik Sundar  If you were to walk down the streets of Buenos Aires, you would be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere in...
India Stadium

Crumbling Fortresses: Saving India’s Sports Stadiums

Written by Dhruv Raman You’re finally here. After the long walk through sixteen gates and a security escapade that involved hiding earphones in your shoes,...

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