Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society

Can Gamifying Education Improve Learning Behaviour?

Growing up, I was a fairly intelligent child who enjoyed studying social sciences and English. I performed decently in Mathematics too, but my efforts...

From Bans to Monitoring, Why Are Schools Policing Teenagers’ Social Media Activity?

From Twitter to Tik Tok, social media has become an integral platform for students’ lives, be it for social, political, or educational reasons. As...
LoL-Esports-Championship-1024x576 (1) The Bastion

Virtual Battlegrounds: Where “Digital Athletes” are Making a Strong Case for Themselves

Written by Kartik Sundar  When ESPN first broadcasted “The International” in 2014, they were met with waves of criticism from their base audience. For the...

How Does Facebook Influence India’s Democracy?

How exactly was Facebook influencing Indian elections? What are the systems the company has in place to fight manipulated spread, and are they effective?

Four Predictions for India’s National Cyber Security Strategy 2020

Harvard’s ‘National Cyber Power Index 2020’ assesses the capabilities and intent of 30 countries expressing ambitions to acquire and project ‘cyber power’. India was...

Where the Mainstream Media Could Not Reach: How Local Information Travelled During the Lockdown

Community media filled the gaps left by the Indian mainstream media while documenting local issues and responses to COVID-19.

Do You Really Need Faster Deliveries?

Why have Food Delivery Executives been protesting for the better part of a year? What goes on in the background of companies like Swiggy and Zomato? What can be done to address these issues?
Game Based Learning

From Rote to Tech: India’s Path to Ensuring Higher Learning Outcomes

Written by Amrita Singh How would you equally divide 16 oranges between 4 people? This year, the Annual Status of Education Report 2017 (ASER) decided...

People First: Reimagining Design and Technology for Community Healthcare

“What is in it for you? Why are you doing this?” asks one of the Health Navigators (HNs) in Channapatna, the “Toy-City'' of Karnataka,...
Agrotech India e mandis

How Can India’s e-Mandi System Benefit Farmers?

Research by Isha Malaviya Presented & Edited by Sumit Krishna Yadav As opposed to a traditional mandi system, e-mandis specifically abolish the culture of middlepersons....