Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society

School Bus

Wheeling past Digital Literacy’s Potholes in India

Written by Sarah Berry  Innumerous schemes are implemented to ensure that all children have access to quality education. Despite this, the main hindrance to successfully...

Can Blockchain Solve India’s Corruption Woes?

Let’s consider two people, A and B. A wishes to purchase a piece of land from B. They come to an agreement and proceed...

Building Blockchain Solutions for Social Good

How can blockchain solutions be utilised for social impact projects?

How To Tell If Online Voting Systems Are Good For Democracy

Before implementing online voting systems, voters, researchers, and journalists reporting on elections need a framework to assess their feasibility.
The Risky Business of Large Hydropower Dams | The Bastion

The Risky Business of Large Hydropower Dams

On 23 April 2020, the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC)—the panel under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change that approves forest clearance for...

E-Governance and its Discontents: The Traps of Tech Revolutions in Stratified Societies

Governments' efforts to erect new systems of e-governance must not come at the cost of peoples’ capacities to access governance itself.

Technically Speaking, How Widely is Facial Recognition Being Used?

Hosted by Swagam Dasgupta  Edited by Malavika VN Facial Recognition has been one of the most controversial technologies to be used across the world over the...

The Murky Waters of Kerala’s Knowledge Economy Mission

For employment platforms like the Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission to cater to Kerala’s unemployed, they require nuanced engagement at the design stage.

The Rise of Emotiveillance? Emotion AI and Ed-tech in India

A famous (and controversial) experiment in 1976 by Ekman and Friesen tried to study the facial expressions of individuals in response to certain stimuli....
Vikram Chandra Editorji

Technically Speaking, How Can Technology Reform TV News? With Vikram Chandra

Chirag Chinnappa speaks to Vikram Chandra—Founder of Editorji and an ex-TV journalist—on how technology, specifically AI, can be utilized to fix the Indian digital news ecosystem.