Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society

The Non-Personal Data Report: Do We Really Need Another Data Regulator?

This article is the first instalment of a two-part series by Mohit Chawdhry of Esya Centre on the new government-led regulatory framework proposed in...
Backdoor Access Encryptionvideo

Technically Speaking, Should Governments Sanction Backdoor Access to Encrypted Platforms? with Yashovardhan Azad

Hosted by Sourya Reddy  Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal The end-to-end protection that comes with encrypted platforms has been a thorn in the side of both, privacy...

The Story of CoWIN: How A Vaccination Strategy for Digital India Failed to Bridge...

Why was a wholly digital platform like CoWIN—one that is largely accessible to the technology-owning elite—used for mass vaccine registration?

As We May Teach: The Neuroscience Behind Technology-Based Learning

This article is the second instalment of Aparna Ramanujam's two-part series 'As We May Teach' which evaluates the privacy concerns and cognitive learning aspects...

Shouldn’t eGov Software Be Free and Open Source?

Featured image courtesy Jon Moore on Unsplash Understanding the Context Bureaucratic transactions are no longer confined to stuffy sarkari offices. At the Centre and state levels,...

The Obstacles on the Path to Accurate Monsoon Forecasting

As technical as the science may be, its accuracy—or the lack thereof—directly impacts Indians, many of whom take important livelihood decisions based on this data.

How Can We Hold the State Accountable for its Technology Adoption? With Srinivas Kodali

How can a nation’s citizenry, civil society and research bodies come together to hold the State accountable in order to ensure that these technologies are being adopted in a fair, robust and transparent manner without being misused? Srinivas Kodali—an independent researcher—tells us his thoughts.

Welcome to Clubhouse, Where Everyone is Free: Is the App Really A Bastion of...

In India, is Clubhouse the Utopian melting pot of ideas and speech it seems to be in other parts of the world? We spoke to six young, urban, English-speaking Indian professionals to find out.

Learning Under Lockdown: Voices From Kashmir

Having lived in Kashmir as an educator, but not as a learner, Mubeen Masudi brings to the table a unique perspective on education. Although...
Technically Speaking, Here are 4 Things to Know About Fake Newsvideo

Technically Speaking, Here are 4 Things to Know About Fake News

In the age of constant information being bombarded towards us through our numerous devices every second, it might be time we stopped to think about exactly how much information you and I consume that is actually credible. With this in mind, in today's video we dissect four critical elements of Fake News that make it a constant and dangerous pest in our daily lives.