Exploring the positive and negative impacts of technology on Indian society

The Laws of the Land of Social Media

While the 2021 IT Rules attempt to regulate the harms of social media, they will also place disproportionate regulatory power in the government's hands.

How Well Can E-Learning Match Up To A Traditional Classroom?

Imagine learning a course from top teachers a continent away, from the comfort of sitting at your home.Today, the Internet has brought about a...

Reporting on Tech and Society in India: The Perils and Potentials — Episode 5...

Hosted by Megha Bahree Edited by Manasi Nene  In January 2022, The Wire’s series of articles on the mysterious Tek Fog app sparked a number of...
Moving Beyond a Unidimensional AI Arms Race The Bastion

Moving Beyond a Unidimensional AI Arms Race

Written by Swagam Dasgupta  “Artificial intelligence is the future, not only for Russia but for all humankind,” said Putin via live video to Russian students...
Ramanathan Ramananvideo

Building an Entrepreneurial India with Ramanathan Ramanan (Part II)

Edited by Malavika VN  In Part 1 of this series, R. Ramanan, Mission Director of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), Niti Aayog, spoke about the...

The Obstacles on the Path to Accurate Monsoon Forecasting

As technical as the science may be, its accuracy—or the lack thereof—directly impacts Indians, many of whom take important livelihood decisions based on this data.

Disease Surveillance in India: From SARS-CoV to COVID 19

Amid COVID-19, disease surveillance and early warning detection mechanisms have gained importance across the world.  In India, the role of tracing the outbreak of diseases...

DIKSHA: The Long-Awaited Antidote to India’s Education Crisis?

Written by Aparna Ramanujam It’s a blistering afternoon in Tamil Nadu, in July 2019. Inside a school in central Chennai, students run amok-the heat is...

Building Blockchain Solutions for Social Good

How can blockchain solutions be utilised for social impact projects?

Technically Speaking, Why Does India Need More Public Wifi?

While the global average stands at about one public Wifi hotspot per 150 people, India currently has just about one lakh hotspots for its population of almost 1.4 billion residents. However, with mobile networks bearing the burden of data consumption in the country, what's the need for investing in a robust and accessible public Wifi infrastructure?