The Facts Around Fake News — Episode 2 of The Impact

Hosted by Megha Bahree
Edited by Manasi Nene

India’s fake news problem has been around for a while, but the production, dissemination and consumption exploded over the last decade. More than 400 million Indians now have access to and make use of the internet, but digital literacy and social media regulation are yet to catch up.

So how exactly is misinformation or fake news spread? Who is producing this? How can social media companies help curb the spread of fake news? And what kind of policies should be put in place that can tackle fake news? Megha Bahree, Fellow at Esya Centre, speaks to Pratik Sinha, Co-Founder of Alt News to find out, in episode two of The Impact.

The Impact is a new video series created in collaboration with Esya Centre, through which we explore India’s rise as a global tech player and the impact this has on the country’s citizens.

Watch Episode 1 Here: The Indian Surveillance Story with Meghna Bal

Megha is an award-winning journalist with nearly 20 years of experience reporting stories from across the Indian subcontinent, parts of Asia, and the US. She’s currently based in New Delhi as a freelancer where she writes about business, technology, and policy and their impact on society for a range of publications. She also researches on these topics as a Fellow at the Esya Centre.


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