#Dialogues: Do Applications Pose a Threat to Cyber Security? With Pukhraj Singh

Interview by Bharath Pottekkat
Edited by Malavika VN

The inventions of simple-looking, yet complex, mobile and desktop applications have changed the way we consume content. Be it social media or online gaming, there’s bound to be an application for any function we desire. If there isn’t one right now, then it’s just a matter of time till we spot it on Google or Apple’s play stores. However, with such diverse sets of apps that we interact with on a daily basis, comes the threat of data misuse. Extrapolating this further, could the data we emit by simply performing mundane tasks on our devices pose a threat to our cybersecurity—personal and national? To understand whether applications pose a threat to cybersecurity, Bharath Pottekkat speaks to Pukhraj Singh, cyber intelligence analyst and expert. In this short interview, they discuss the following questions:

1. Can applications like Tiktok be used as cyber weapons?

2. Should regulations such as the Tiktok app ban be categorized as offensive or defensive strategies?


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