Should Voter ID Data Be Linked to Aadhaar? Episode 4 of The Impact

Hosted by Chirag Chinnappa
Edited by Manasi Nene

On 21st December of last year, the Election Law (Amendment) Bill, 2021, was passed; this law allowed the linking of Aadhaar data with electoral roll data. The Union government argued that this move would make the electoral process clearer and more credible, as linking Aadhaar data would help identify duplicate entries, remove bogus voters and more.

That being said, there have been some major concerns about instituting this practice; the possibility of disenfranchisement, severe data privacy concerns, and the efficacy of the Aadhaar itself as a source of relevant information, all form issues that have to be considered.

In Episode 4 of The Impact, we speak to O.P. Rawat, the 22nd Chief Election Commissioner of India, and Shivam Shankar Singh, Political Analyst and Author (How To Win An Indian Election), to learn more about this. The Impact, our new video series created in collaboration with Esya Centre, examines how technology impacts Indian society.

Chirag is the Co-Founder of and Chief Editor at The Bastion. Most of his work is fuelled by dinner-table conversations where adults hold unwavering beliefs and an even stronger will to listen selectively.
Manasi is a writer, filmmaker, and musician who is keen on exploring issues of education, technology and community mental health. She has also been active in the beatboxing and slam poetry communities of India. Off-the-clock, she can be found cycling, daydreaming, or daydreaming about cycling. Manasi works as The Bastion's Multimedia Associate.



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