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Bridging the huge gender gap in sport—measures needed at the policy, society and sports administration level.

YUWA: Empowering Jharkhand’s Girls, One Bootlace at a Time

Co-authored by Ishaan Banerji and P. Charith Reddy  “The first thing I noticed in the village is that while boys play, girls work” - Franz...
Tibet Women's Football

Finding Refuge on the Pitch: Building Futures for Refugees

Written by Sourya Reddy “I don’t remember much; it was about 14 years ago, and I was 7. One day, my parents told my elder...
The Bastion Check Mate

Checkmate: Why is there a World Women’s Chess Championship?

Written by Parkhee Rattan   At various levels in almost every sport, tournaments are conducted as platforms where the best athletes compete against each other for...
#MeToo? Silent Screams of Sexual Abuse in Competitive Sport The Bastion

#MeToo? Silent Screams of Sexual Abuse in Competitive Sport

Co-authored by Kartik Sundar and Aditya Vikram  The revelation that the USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar abused over 250 young women briefly drew global attention...
Caster Semenya

In Search of a Level Playing Field: Where Do Transgender and Hyperandrogenous Athletes Go?

Co-authored by Tia Matthew and Manasvin Andra  “We all transition at a different rate, and twelve months as a policy for everyone is just the...

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