Bridging the huge gender gap in sport—measures needed at the policy, society and sports administration level.

Feminism in India x The Bastion: #TheSportsEdit

Being the long-standing readers of The Bastion that you are, you probably already know that 'sport for development' is a core aspect of our coverage....
Mixed-gender Tournaments and Women Coaches: How Sport Is Becoming a Breeding Ground for Feminism

Mixed-Gender Tournaments and Women Coaches: How Sport Is Becoming a Breeding Ground for Feminism

Co-authored by Chirag Chinnappa, Sreeradh Radhakrishnan and Siddhant Sachdeva  The movement for gender equality within India’s sports industry reached a major milestone in 2017 when...

Jayanti Behera is Running Against All Odds

If there were any reason for people to visit Sakhigopal, a quaint town on the coast of Odisha, it would probably be to pay...
The Bastion Check Mate

Checkmate: Why is there a World Women’s Chess Championship?

Written by Parkhee Rattan   At various levels in almost every sport, tournaments are conducted as platforms where the best athletes compete against each other for...

Riding the Wave of Sports for Development in India’s Coastal Communities

Dakshin’s findings from the Andaman Islands highlight the potential of the burgeoning sports-for-development sector in India, as well as its challenges.

O-disha: Showing the Way as a Model State for Adopting Sports

States and political parties going to polls can take a leaf out of the Naveen Patnaik government's ability to deliver sports as an electoral promise towards development.
Caster Semenya

In Search of a Level Playing Field: Where Do Transgender and Hyperandrogenous Athletes Go?

Co-authored by Tia Matthew and Manasvin Andra  “We all transition at a different rate, and twelve months as a policy for everyone is just the...
#MeToo? Silent Screams of Sexual Abuse in Competitive Sport The Bastion

#MeToo? Silent Screams of Sexual Abuse in Competitive Sport

Co-authored by Kartik Sundar and Aditya Vikram  The revelation that the USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar abused over 250 young women briefly drew global attention...

No First Aid: Mental Health in Indian Cricket

Written by Dhruv Raman and Sreeradh Radhakrishnan When we hear a post-match presenter ask a winning captain “So, how do you feel?”, it almost seems...
Williams Serena Tennis

Catch 22: Serena Williams’ “Open” Dilemma

Tennis, a white gentleman’s game for centuries, was revolutionized from the late 1990s by an innocuous debutant, Serena Williams. She entered professional courts in...