Bridging the huge gender gap in sport—measures needed at the policy, society and sports administration level.

O-disha: Showing the Way as a Model State for Adopting Sports

States and political parties going to polls can take a leaf out of the Naveen Patnaik government's ability to deliver sports as an electoral promise towards development.

Feminism in India x The Bastion: #TheSportsEdit

Being the long-standing readers of The Bastion that you are, you probably already know that 'sport for development' is a core aspect of our coverage....

The Power of Sport in Khadija Moin’s Transformation

A 30-minute car ride, westward of the busy Bhubaneswar airport leads to the Dumduma slum area, which houses hundreds of families. One of its...
Changing India's Sports Narrative: Introducing S4D

Changing India’s Sports Narrative: Introducing S4D

Authored by Suheil Farrell Tandon and Antony CJ Ever since Pratyush*—an under-confident 14-year-old boy residing in the slum settlements of Bhubaneswar—had joined a mixed-gender Sports...