Development and the Environment

“Tibet Be Dammed!”, Says China. But At What Cost?

“Tibet Be Dammed!”, Says China. But At What Cost?

Written by Rohan Parikh Tibet’s glacier-fed rivers are the single largest runoff source in the whole world. It holds the Hindu Kush Himalayan ice sheet,...
Big Eater? Ignorant Towards Global Warming? Expect Less Food on Your Plate

Ignorant Towards Climate Change? Expect Less Food in the Years to Come.

Researched by Aditya Vikram Written by Sourya Reddy  India has an almost never-ending list of the economic and social challenges it faces, and large doubts have...
A Reality Check for the Climate Change Deniers: What is happening to the animals around you?

A Reality Check for the Climate Change Deniers: What Is Happening to the Animals...

Co-created by Stuti Pachisia and Siddhant Sachdeva  In May 2016, scientists discovered that the Great Barrier Reef ─ often touted as one of the seven wonders...
Predictive problems of climate change

Combating Climate Change: Knowing What to Do and When

Researched by Ishita Lohani Written by Ayan Tandon  Despite the multitude of failings associated with Donald Trump’s capabilities as POTUS, he possesses a reputable knack for...
Indian Truck Polluting

Highway to Help: India’s Trucking Predicament

Research by Aditya Vikram Written by Tanvi Mehta India’s trucking industry relies on heavy-freight trucks for 65% of its activity. While they are the most efficient...
October 2017 bangalore/ bengaluru flooding

Crisis in Bangalore: Nature’s Wrath or Human Error?

Written by Stuti Pachisia “It only has to rain for a short while for the city to get completely submerged. This creates a lot of...
Threat that Looms in the Air: A Report of New Delhi during Diwali

Threats Looming in the Air: An Assessment of New Delhi During Diwali

Researched by Siddhant Sachdeva Written by Gauri Bansal Every year, a blanket of thick and toxic smog engulfs most of the National Capital Region, with air pollution...
Electric Vehicles India

Electric Vehicles, Clean Indian Lungs: The Reality of the 2020 NEMMP

At the SIAM convention earlier this month, Nitin Gadkari, Union Road Transport Minister, made evident the government’s intention to make a switch to electric...
Hurricane Harvey Flooding (3)

Can America Plan Better for Cyclones in the Future?

Written by Stuti Pachisia On August 17th, the National Hurricane Center in Miami issued a warning against a small but developing tropical cyclone. Within a...
Sparrow on a Ledge

The Case of the Missing Sparrows: What can be done?

Here’s a haunting question to ask yourself: when was the last time you saw a House Sparrow fluttering about in your balconies or even...

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