Urban Ecology

Specific focus on citizens, municipal corporations and governance in fast-growing cities; rapid diminishing of urban ecosystems and the impact of natural resources. Emphasising the environment as the pivot in urban planning.

Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfillvideo

Out of Breath: The Bhalswa Landfill

Filmed by Nabina Chakraborty  Just a few kilometres further from Delhi’s Jahangirpuri metro station lies a ‘hill’ that will leave you staring at it in...
Life in Plastic, Not Fantastic

Life In Plastic, Not Fantastic: Is there an answer to New Delhi’s woes?

Written by Stuti Pachisia Delhi’s ever-expanding population has dimmed the chances of ensuring a sustainable future for itself. As a city with over 22 million...

Local Solutions to Local Waste: Himachal Pradesh’s Aima Panchayat

It’s a busy intersection at Himachal Pradesh’s Palampur. In the backdrop of this town, the Himalayas stand tall adorned with the winter’s snow, and...
Beijing Air Pollution

Understanding the Economic Consequences of Air Pollution

Researched by Siddhant Sachdeva Written by Gauri Bansal The question of the environment, as a constant debate between ethics and economics, has forced people to think...

The Ecological History of Delhi’s Ridge with Thomas Crowley

Interviewed by Aarathi Ganesan; Edited by Nidhi Rejithlal. There are history books written on pretty much everything in India--be it kings, kingdoms, cultures, or even...

Construction Mud Puts Settlements on the Edge of Eviction in Yamuna Khadar

New Delhi's Central Vista Redevelopment Project puts Yamuna Khadar's settlements on the edge of eviction.

Shrinking Commons Amidst Delhi’s Unplanned Urbanisation

Ram Kumar Roja, 76 years of age, is standing on a ground, bordered by a few trees and a wall. This one acre piece...