Building Sustenance

The world’s cities occupy just 2% of the land use but account for 71-76% of energy-related global greenhouse gas emissions. Closer to home, India’s residential sector and commercial sector emitted 137.84 million tons and 1.67 million tons of CO2 equivalents respectively in 2007. 

The numbers are jarring, to say the least. India has the scope to lower the level of emissions during construction, but it needs to be done in a systematic and efficient manner. This can be achieved in both existing and new housing projects which increases energy efficiency. 

Today, we bring to you a short documentary featuring two experts in the field of sustainable architecture—Revathi Kamath and Ashok B Lall. Through a series of interviews, they bring to light the urgency for sustainable practices and the potential benefits it could hold for us as individuals and as a society.


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