Shimla Water

Shimla’s Woes: Understanding the Water Crisis

Co-authored by Ishani Pant & Aishwarya BirlaThe acute shortage of water in Shimla has resulted in yet another round of blame games, while affected...
Species Recovery

Make the Western Ghats Green Again

Written by Shraddha Tripathi Intense developmental activities over the last few decades have exerted tremendous pressure on India's forests, to meet the needs of the...
October 2017 Bangalore/ Bengaluru flooding

Flooded Bengaluru: Nature’s Wrath or Human Error?

Coauthored by Stuti Pachisia, Kartik Sundar and Chirag Chinnappa “It only has to rain heavily for a short while for the city to get completely...

Drains to Diseases: Haryana’s Sanitation Struggle

"My kid falls sick so often because of the stagnant water in these open drains. Why isn't the government doing anything?" — Asawarpur Resident, HaryanaIn...
1024px-Mumbai_container_terminal_from_Elephanta_Island The Bastion

50 Shades of Blue (Economy)

Co-authored by Simran Taneja and Aarathi Ganesan  In-Depth For many developing countries, economic growth is facilitated by a booming manufacturing sector. Yet, in light of increasing...
India Water

Reshaping India’s Development Strategy: The Importance of Water Security

Co-authored by Pragya Gupta & Gopika Kumaran India fails to provide 63 million of its citizens with access to safe, clean water. The water in...
India Agriculture

Alleviating India’s Irrigation Woes

Co-authored by Sourya Reddy & Siddhant Sachdeva  India’s large irrigation system consists of several canals, rainwater harvesting, and groundwater well systems, of which the last...
Environment & Human Rights

The Fundamentals of Living: Human Rights and the Environment

Co-authored by Aarathi Ganesan & Siddhant Sachdeva In the wake of worsening climate change, environmental degradation, and poorly regulated industrialization, a safe, healthy, and prolonged...

What Is Going On In Cape Town?

Here we discuss the water crisis experienced by Cape Town in the last few years. Despite having abundant rainfall just four years ago, a...
Sustainable development Africa

Looking for Answers: Africa’s Search for Development

Written by Philip DeweyiChanges in power structures and economic boundaries are creating a more decentralized and interconnected world. Africa is the epitome of this...


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