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What the Frack: Is India Ready for Shale?

Co-authored by Sunalika Singh and Charith Reddy  As the third largest consumer of energy in the world, India is far from energy independence; with the...

Drains to Diseases: Haryana’s Sanitation Struggle

"My kid falls sick so often because of the stagnant water in these open drains. Why isn't the government doing anything?" — Asawarpur Resident, Haryana In...

All Park and No Play

Written by Vaishnavi Rathore | This article is the first instalment of Vaishnavi’s series ‘Ecology and the City’, which explores how complications in urban...

Part III: Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?

This is the third instalment of Ajitesh Bohra's graphic series 'Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?' Click to read parts 1 and 2. To be continued...

Why Democracy May Not Save India From the Climate Crisis

Authored by Shantanu Kishwar Given the apocalyptic atmosphere that grips Delhi as toxic smog descends over the city every winter, it is unsurprising that pollution...
Shimla Water

Shimla’s Woes: Understanding the Water Crisis

Co-authored by Ishani Pant & Aishwarya Birla The acute shortage of water in Shimla has resulted in yet another round of blame games, while affected...
Air Pollution story delhi

Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?

This is the first instalment of Ajitesh Bohar's graphic series 'Whatever Happened to the Lutyens?' Click here to read the other parts.  ...

Drowning India: Managing Floods in the Brahmaputra Valley

Written by Vaishnavi Rathore  July 17th 2019 came with a mixed bag of developments for the Northeast; the escalating waters of river Brahmaputra reached 30.36...
Life in Plastic, Not Fantastic

Life In Plastic, Not Fantastic: Is there an answer to New Delhi’s woes?

Written by Stuti Pachisia Delhi’s ever-expanding population has dimmed the chances of ensuring a sustainable future for itself. As a city with over 22 million...

ZBNF: Will One Size Fit All?

By Vaishnavi Rathore  Zero Budget Natural Farming is a fairly self-explanatory term. An alternative to conventional farming, ZBNF claims to have almost negligible investment in...

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